This is a joke! Surely an error?


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How did 'popickers' manage to cover his LOG trade at 161p at 3-05pm????

I assume there is something wrong with your system because LOG didn't go below 168p today.
We get data feed errors/glitches from time to time, nothing we can do about it as it's a freebie..... anyway, after his telewest stumble, he needs a bit of luck.... It's not as if he 's rocketed to first place.
Sorry I'm new at this. Thought it was predicting the move each day! 4 points off was good for my profit but bad for the game.
Stockoperator, not sure went on with this but like Chartma says it appears to be a data feed glitch, I'd like to add some more validaiton in the future though to make sure this doesn't happen. But until then, this sort of thing will unfortunately happen occasionally, and I can update it manually if need be.

just happen to me ... a sale of log(logica) of 138 , where never been below the143.75 mark ( the market just open) 1500£ of profits just fly awway because of a glitch on the datafeed...
good move...
Hi Techcherry, I'll take a look at it tonight and update your portfolio as necessary.

Hi Techcherry,

Having looked at the trades on ADVFN for that time:

The price at 8:22 which is 20 min delayed ie. that of 8:02 (approx when you would have made the trade) would appear to be 138 bid / 146 ask - if you look at the first trade of the day at 8:00, this is the price sold at. So it appears to be right and correct. Let me know if you think this is incorrect though.

ok... the question here is , i didn't request for a total sale, but yes a bit a 10000 sale, that's the point, or is no need to be a genius to know with such a spread , is not a sale...that's what i mean, anyway, thanks for the interest... all this brougth for a bad moon in trading matters...