The Guerrilla Stock Trading System


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Has anyone else received a mail shot sent by a Mr. Jim Sheridan operating via CMS Publications of Reading, on the The Guerrilla Stock Trading System ?

Any views?



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Yep he's King Kong.

You know what happened to him.

I suggest you find the nearest rubbish bin.



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Dunno about that. But it will make a monkey out of ya.


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isn't he a V.S family member?? :cheesy: .....big RED letters at the top of a page with the words "FOOLISH" & secret tend to bring on a fit of the shakes and a nasty buzzing in me ears...... :(


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Hi Guys,

Sorry, are we talking about the Guerilla Trading Tactics by Pristine? If so I have the CD I watched it once but didn't really did any back testing the fist 4 tactics looks OK but the others looks risky. They said that the first 4 tactics are approx 80% accurate and the last 4 is about 90%. Anybody on the board back tested the system?


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Just recieved the most amazing and generous offer from CMS.
If I send them a mere £1777 in the next 72 hrs I can be one of only 340 people in the country to be allowed to use the Guerilla system. I will also recieve a FREE 30 minute telephone trading support voucher (or should I say vulture) :LOL: :p


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Ax3 - I was also short-listed for this offer.

The thing is, I use small changes to the minor part of my post-code to monitor who is selling my name/address to who - and the source this one is quite surprising.

I don't want to say on the boards for legal reasons, but it's definitely either a spreadbet company or a weekly economic journal. Both of which I ticked the 'no selling my name/address' box.



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There is a bright side to this Tony. The good quality A4 envelopes are great temporary waste bins for the rest of the unbelievably generous offers that drop through the door. :)


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I got the mail shot too, its the money back guarantee that got me into thinking about this one instead of just putting it in the bin.

The method claims to show you how to spot news events that will short term drive up prices such that you are able to make a quick 2-3%, do that a few times a week and suddenly you would be rolling up the money by compounding.

Question is: IS the just the Gorilla trading system just re-packaged or does he have something here?
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