The Final Holy Grail Journal Discussion Thread


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Re: The final Holy Grail!

That (rathcoole_exile) is not a trader, it is an Idiot!

Says the Idiot who opened a thread claiming he had a Holy grail without any SL's...?

Mate it seems you are of lower intelligence..

I would love to see your face when you get a Margin Call...:LOL:

Stop making false claims...I bet your not even trading Live...
You are dangerous for beginners, do us a favour and cut your losses

N Rothschild

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Re: The final Holy Grail!

this thread is retarded. mdbs you are clearly retarded and the reincarnation of spanish and the legendary spanish stop.
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Re: The final Holy Grail!

I'm not avoiding anything at all. Stupid trader, don't you see that I talked about it many times saying that I'm waiting for the last 2 trades to realize the 100% win rate? Idiot!

There are geniuses all over the world and i bet you not one of them has a system that gets it right 100% of the time, so why are you dillusioned into thinking that you have the holy grail of a system. Why are you the only person in the world with a system thats 100%. Why aren't you proving chaos theory, or working for MIT? I'll tell you why... It's because you are plain and simply an idiot. Think about it... Ask yourself why am i the only person in the world with a system that works 100% of the time and i'm sure you'll find the answer. You're like one of those retards who goes on a reality tv show in order to become a famous vocalist without realising you cant sing for sheeeet!!
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