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HyperTools is a universal converter, allows processing ASCII, Excel, MetaStock, OMZ and XPO format.
You will be able to create your OMZ/XPO directly from any ASCII, Excel or MetaStock files or export to ASCII, Excel or MetaStock the historical data stored into OMZ/XPO.
If you are eSignal, QCharts, RealTick, QuoteSpeed, MetaTrader, DTN's IQFeed, FutureSource ProNET data subscribers you can create your OMZ/XPO files directly from your online datafeed.

Lets call this one entertainment software!

For day traders who may wish to fill those no action trading periods with an alternative form of mental stimulation. Be warned though - minipool is very addictive! - so don't allow it to distract you from your trading!

Minipool can also be played offline.

Try beating my top score of 4331

free software for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Created from applications like Adobe Acrobat® 6.0, Adobe Photoshop® Album photo software, and more, Adobe PDF files can be viewed on most major operating systems. Adobe Reader 6.0 is the newest version of the familiar Adobe Acrobat Reader software. It also replaces Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader, software for viewing high-fidelity eBooks on your notebook or desktop computer.

Free historical data for a range of instruments. The data is saved into an Excel file that you save to your PC.

"The current service allows you to save market data on any of the given instruments (for the time period of your choice) on your PC and export it to any computer program. The data is presented in CSV format."

ExtractNow is a tool that does exactly what it says in its name: extracts files. It supports RAR, ZIP, ACE and JAR file formats. It has an attractive WinXP-style interface and a dozen minor feature apart from the main one which is, as we learned before, extracting files from archives. You can customize view of files to extract just the way you do in Windows Explorer. You can review history of the actions made with ExtractNow and even save it to disk in plain text.
As for extracting files themselves, this can be done in several ways: extract all files, selected files or files with names matching a specific pattern. The program comes handy when you can't afford a decent file compression tool but need to unzip files anyway.

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