Market of Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5


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We are pleased to announce that today we have launched our new service - Market. With this new service, all traders who use the MetaTrader 5 terminal can buy MQL5-programs: trading robots, indicators, scripts and libraries.


The Market is launched in two steps. Starting today, anyone can register as a seller and start publishing programs. All users of the MetaTrader 5 terminal will see information about the programs and their developers, though purchasing will be disabled for some time.

During the first step we plan to conduct final tests of the service and accumulate a base of programs. In the second stage, we will enable the feature of purchasing applications, so all MetaTrader 5 users will be able to buy any program they like.

How Does It Work?
An MQL5 developer must register as a seller and specify the required information. We check these data and if everything is correct, we give the developer the Seller permissions. From this moment, the developer can submit his or her developments to be published in the Markets and set prices for them. The efficiency and performance of each uploaded program will be tested, after which it will be published in the Market and become available to everyone.


A program can be purchased only from the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal. This requires specifying a login and password of an account with enough money on it. You cannot by a program directly on the site. Each MQL5 program is strictly linked to a computer and must undergo activation.

For example, when buying a trading robot, its special copy is generated, which will work only on the associated computer. Even having this file, an intruder cannot run the program on another computer. This solution helps to protect the interests of developers and their customers.

On the other hand, every purchase can go through three activations, i.e. buying a program once, you can run it on three different computers. All the three copies can work on different computers and can be downloaded once again if necessary.

Attention: All purchases in the Market are associated with an MQL5 account and specific computers. They do not depend on the brokerage company or the type of a trading account.

Any program published in the Market program has a free demo version which can be run only in the Strategy Tester. Demo versions cannot be run in the terminal or used in trading. However, this option allows to test the performance and efficiency of any application before purchasing it. The interests of developers will be protected, while the buyer is protected from buying a pig in a poke.

What Does the Market Give?
The launch of the new service is another step of our global strategy aimed at attracting conventional traders in the field of automated trading. We have already launched the Jobs service, where anyone can order a desired MQL5 program. In spring 2011, we released the MQL 5 Wizard - an application that allows to create Expert Advisors without the knowledge of the MQL5 language.

The launch of the Market continues our progressive movement towards common traders. Do you need an Expert Advisor, but you don't have MQL5 programming skills? No problem. Now you can order a required MQL5 application, generate your own Expert Advisor in the MQL5 Wizard or buy a ready-to-use program in the new Market.


The value of the Market for professional developers is also obvious. Now they have the best place to offer their applications. Their programs appear directly in the terminals of their potential customers, and are available to all MetaTrader 5 users, which is a huge market of potential clients.

"The MetaTrader 5 platform has an extremely powerful MQL5 development environment, - Renat Fatkhullin, the CEO of MetaQuotes Software Corp. said. - However, until recently, ordinary users without programming skills almost never used its advantages. Our multi-stage program is precisely aimed at attracting regular traders in the field of automated trading, and the Market is probably the most important component of it. We hope that the Market will be useful for all traders, helping them to expand their capabilities."

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