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Hello everyone
I used to post here a while ago, now I'm back! There are loads of helpful words of wisdom around these boards

It would really help my research if I had a site of fundamentals for the FTSE (eg average p/e, price-sales, net gearing etc....) I've been looking for ages and can't find anything. Can anyone help with this?

I would appreciate your suggestions

Many thanks
Hi Austin

Welcome back :)

If you sign up with (which is free), you can look at the Fundimentals of the companies (there is a tab at the top for it).

Thanks HTH,
What an excellent service! I like the fundamentals sieve:
very usefull. It's much better than the service I paid a monthly fee for!

I wonder if is it possible to get averaged data on the FTSE 100,& 250- like what is the current 'average PE', or the current 'average price/sales'? (find the best FTSEs). Then I could see the FTSEs with the best likely performance

I could get a spread sheet of the FTSE, and work it out: that's an idea...
What I'd really like to look at is which companies have the best fundamentals to be the stars of the FTSE, or at least low risk- to take a major part of my portfolio. I would like to compare the relative peformance of a few large cap stocks against the FTSE as a whole, which is why average fundamentals would be useful

It's interesting to see how the FTSE compares with trends so thanks for the link. Although how to turn that trend into an investment strategy- I don't know
I recieved an email from advfn:
"What you ask is part of the content of a new comparative page that we are currently working on. Hopefully in a couple of months it will be launched"

So soon we will be able to look at the FTSE with an eye on cashflow, and useful averages
(In case anyone's interested)