Stock Search?



I have been looking for a site where I can look for stocks that forfill my criteria, ie type in my desired EPS, P/E, gearing and things like that and find stocks that will match my criteria.

The trouble is being a student (and so a very small time investor), I can't afford a huge subscription to do it!
Are there any sites that I can do a basic sieve on EPS change, P/E, PEG, and the usual stuff for free or low cost?

I apreciate any help

The cheapest I have seen for Funnymental data is Investorease at approx £120 per year (i.e. £ 10 per month) It is not a website but a program that needs to be downloaded and downloads EOD prices at the end of every day with a very handy facility for picking out funnymentals. As with most other packages, it is not possible to backtest funnymentals although it does have an extremely useful chart that shows ticks on it when newspaper reports were issued on companies. It is often very interesting to see how wrong the newspaper recommendations can be. You might want to see if you can pick up a trial version.

(PS. I do not use funnymentals and therefore I am probably not the most qualified to advise on this.)