Thank you T2W, postman, Dinos & all contributors


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Hi, I am just sending a big thank you to all the guys on this trading forum for the wealth of shared information & inspiration.
As I mainly focus on index (FTSE & DAX) I would like to especially thank Postman for his tireless work, Sudden death (where is SD?) Herward the wake, Dentist, Barjon & the other regular very informed posters.

I think it should also be said (for myself anyway) that I have a great respect for another couple of guys... Dinos & 2be, these are phenomenal traders with finely tuned instinct, I am sure anyone else who follows/trades the live markets while keeping one eye on this thread will agree.

There are so many other threads with other peoples excellent input & I just thought a big THANK YOU was a long time coming from me to all of you.

I am a UK based spreadbet index trader & have been on a steep learning curve for the past 3 years. Not steep as in lost a fortune, but in terms of time, lots of time.
I am at a point of easing back a bit, but wow, this is a time zapping game when you are learning(which I think I will always be)

I trade strict PA with equally strict UK timeframe 8am-4.30pm to take advantage of the "relatively" accurate price (no laughing) & tight spread.

I have mainly taken the SB route as I have some very experienced friends who have gone from DMA to SB over the past few years.

The main thing I have learned is you have to teach yourself..... you can be shown all the technical s, all the money management etc, but it seems nothing replicates LIVE MARKET EXPERIENCE
(Demos in my opinion should be tried for a very limited time, but give false expectations)

It has taken hours & hours........& hours to come to a point where I am comfortable entering/exiting a trade, learning the spreadbet platform providers shenanigans (of which there are many & evolving all the time), learning all the indicators inside out, upside down & then coming full circle to pure PA, as once the LAGGING indicators are firmly lodged in your sub-conscious mind you can actually see them without the chart being cluttered.

My biggest demon has been.......YEP.!!..LETTING THE BAD TRADE GO !!

I know this seems to be the most obvious thing to master, but I am getting there.

Good luck to all in this crazy vocation


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its great thread
even the alcoholic beverages that are served up are good
that reminds me...I have not posted "todays tipple"
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Best wishes to you tokyojoe..........welcome to the madhouse



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Tokyo, I'm humbled by you comments, which I feel are unworthy, I do the same as many on here, trade a plan, as simple as than, but thank you anyway. regards. Rob
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