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Hi Folks,
Can anyone tell me how to increase the text size on T2W site?
Have tried using VIEW - INCREASE TEXT SIZE but not getting a response.
Using ACCESSIBILITY OPTIONS makes text on other sites too large.


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is this what you mean
on post reply box click SIZE (choose small / large /hugh (above is hugh) same rules if want to change FONT /COLOUR, hope this helps


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I think you might have to re-size your display to 800x640 to get that..... and I bet it looks a mess :(


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Hi Romun,

We use a feature called stylesheets on the website in which we specify precisely the font size. The advantage of this is that it reallly helps laying things out, as you always know how much space text is going to take up. The downside is that you can't resize it using your browser's text size options. May I ask what resolution you're running at? Is it higher than 1024 x 768 - as this would make the text very small and difficult to read.



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Thank you both for your replies. I'm running the screen at 1024 x 768. I think that a better option than altering resolution would be a visit to the optician. :))
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