Tetley Syndrome


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Since the advent of tea bags many readers of the daily sludge at the bottom of one's cup have decreased of late.

However. one fool proof method remains: Wait until the market moves then - move with it.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Can't you tell that Neil is bored.

Wass up m8. Been bared from all the pubs in cornwall?
Bared ??

Should have posted this on, "Has the Dow topped - what are peoples opinions ?"

Silly bugger :)

Whats it like to be barred ( note the spelling) from a pub

:) ;-)

Pub - aha, I am going to play indoor bowls this evening. This place just happens to have a bar but I am only going there for the bowls you understand and the wife likes driving me home.

:D ;)
Did I type bared instead of barred?

Tsk! silly me. That's what happens when you're too quick at doing things.

The wife's always complaining about that as well. :p :p :p