Major upside TOX & SUG


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Still licking my wounds from OBS and afraid to share my findings when looking for a couple of companies with positive fundies yet recently harshly treated.


TOX - bought lots @ 610 having waited for the 10% bounce off the bottom. Solid announcements in April and June of strong trading with record order levels.

Looking good today following positive analyst buy recommendations. Interims due Mon 13th - DYOR

On the same basis I found SUG. Also announced positive trading statement on 3rd July with results due end August. This ones in the bag I thought - wait for a move north and then pounce.

We got that move today but when I looked at trades - something not right and am holding off.

Can anyone offer a view on SUG.


Well Done, Cookie :)

TOX recording a break through, rsi and stochastics still indicating further rises, with the help of a bit more volume it may easily gain another 40 or so points, retracements should be watched however as it's gone up more than 100 points in a few days...

SUG oversold, maybe that's why today's rise, still it was on fairly high volume..but rsi and stochastic D still flat at the oversold area whil K ticking up, looks like we need further confirmation of the sustainability of this rise....

Good Luck, keep us posted about such gains too, eh? :)

Looking good


Received strong buy recommendation from Hemscott Analyst after hours last night. We could see some movement today. They say ..........the 14 day slow stochastic on the daily chart is showing very strong bullish divergence - likely to make a strong upmove - resistance 770 ( that would be fine for me ) but suggest a close over 795 gives target of 1000.

Hold 5k @ 610

Good Luck


Daily Chart.
Short term TA

At its resistance level at 636, so a retracement from this level is possible, as stated by Riz (Resistance can also be found at 644 and 693). These can also be viewed as potential buying opportunities as we know.
Comming off short term double bottom pattern at 535 and 562.
10 and 20 day MA turning positive
My Other key indicators to the upside.

Support level at 604

Weekly Chart.
Longer term TA

This is for me where this stock starts to look interesting, it has established a solid chart bottom pattern at the long term support level. All my key chart indicators are turning possitive, this all looks good longer term for a healthy profit on your ASK of 610. With opportunities to add on the way up.

Good luck

Got one right at last.

Waiting for the right time to get in SUG

Hope you are all well

Thanks Cookie
Making dosh on the market will ease the pain of whats to come in the premiership :)

Nice to hear +ve news from you, cookie :)

good luck mate


No pain for me Steve. 4-0 away from home and we are above you for the rest of the season.

Defense a bit shaky ?????

Are you referring to the condition of my garden barriers in the manner of a West Indian Cookie ?