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my phone line comes into the house in the hall,the phone socket is in the hall ,question is how do i get the the phone socket up stairs without miles of extension cables,i am hoping to get broad band soon but the socket must be within 15 feet of pc.
my service provider wants an unreal £150 +parts to move phone socket upstairs.any one done this job? :D
I added a new phone socket on the 2nd floor of my previous house - the original was on the ground floor. It's actually very easy to do, you just need to find out where the pipes and cables go up from the ground floor to the 1st floor, and run the telephone cable up through. If you have an airing cupboard upstairs, you'll probably find that the pipes at the back give you the clue to where they come out downstairs.

I actually had to make a series of holes on the 2nd floor to feed the cable behind - and I filled the holes by taping newspaper behind the hole, and then filling it with plaster, and sanding it down flush, then a couple of coats of paint and no-one was the wiser!

Any DIY book will show you how to connect the cables, and you just need a special little tool available from DIY shops.


PS I'm a girl, and if I can do it then you can too!
For that price you could get a broadband wireless router (which would sit next to your telephone socket in the hall) and a wireless card to go in your PC. No wires or mess, plus you can move your PC around at will and add extra PCs, laptops etc.

quote " PS I'm a girl, and if I can do it then you can too! "

That says it all, looks like this thread now closed.

have fun

sounds easy,any drop in internet speed with new cable upstairs?
at the moment i get 45.5 kbps from a very long cable extension
some times only 41.i assume you used copper phone lines.
why do you say only a girl,what happened to girl power?
I run a long extension lead upstairs under the carpets - a bit Heath Robinson but it does work, I just can't be bothered to get a proper install. I get 46.6k most of the time and occasionally 48k but very rarely anything other than that.
you tell 'em gal !

but how do you get aerial cable from the loft for a ground floor
feed to the kitchen ?
ever tried fishwiring down behind plasterboard ?


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Pat, that bit about copper 'phone wires got me worried!In this country the 'phone cables are white,plastic coated,circular in cross-section about 5millimetres? in diameter inside the house.Containing several insulated wires.(If the above was a joke,disregard this post!)