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Part of the learning process is for you to understand the different types of traders. In essence there are two, and these are a fundamental trader or a technical trader. For you to succeed as an online trader you must understand the differences. Both have very different views in the techniques they use to assess market conditions and the direction an instrument may take. 
Whilst there is some overlap, these are two very distinct methodologies, and you need to be comfortable with one or the other. You will come across this terminology all the time. Whilst there are huge differences in the approach, it is safe to say that most large financial institutions now employ both methods as both have their strengths and weaknesses. Fundamental also applies to the broad economy such as GDP, exports, imports etc. As a forex trader I use both in my trading, but with an emphasis on technical trading.
Technical or Fundamental: The Trading Approach As we have seen, the two schools are...
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Well we should not create a conflict between both the trading analyses; it’s just all about the Forex trading and analysis you like or which type of analysis you like according to your trading style or according to market. As the Forex market differs from conventional stock markets, it has different trading analysis patterns. Accepting both the patterns and pertaining to the Forex market will allow you to make a strategy and a style of trading that is preeminent suited to your risk lenience and your monetary goals.


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I am from Mathematics background(IIT Delhi),working with a company in Finanace domain.we do program and algorithm based trading in derivative and option market..
and using various optimization and risk management technique ...
its really good to read your words.

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Great read Anna. I am currently learning to use technical analysis myself and find the technology available now to do this online is incredible in terms of live charts, chart drawing tools and trading platforms. Im loving practicing using the Candle Stick charts, simply genius.
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