Technical and Fundamental Analysis


Hello Traders,

It’s our pleasure to welcome you all to the MTrading’s analytics thread. In here we’ll share our Technical and fundamental reports that are prepared in-house.

Our fundamental reports embrace various economic and geo-political factors that are likely to affect the Forex and CFDs markets at large. One could base his/her trades on such precise analysis.

In case you have any questions, feel free to write us and we'll be delighted to help you.
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Im new to here so looking around for like-minded people.

I am in the process of developing an intelligent agent for custom designing technical trading strategies. It essentially takes historical data and evolves a trading strategy using 23 technical indicators by optimising all their settings and thresholds simultaneously. As the markets are dynamic it also continuously updates itself. The output is, for a particular index, buy/hold/sell indicators on a day by day basis (frequency can be adapted).

Im in the process of creating demonstration data but am starting to think where to take this next? Obviously start using it myself but I dont have large amounts of capital. Sell it as a service maybe? Any other ideas?

Calculations are fairly intensive and currently takes about 5 days with current (not ideal) hardware so in the future will need to speed this up a tad.

Opinions are welcome!


PS. Im a scientist (chemist) with 16 years of algorithm based experience who is trying to apply the same principles to the stock market. Oh, and its not a time-series forecast as they dont work on stochastic data!