TA views please:- AGS, EMA, HAS.


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Martin and team of top chartists.

I have been waiting and studying the above three AGS, EMA, and HAS for the last two weeks. Surely now oversold and prime for a killing.

Your views please oh mighty ones.

Have a good week-end.

RSI/Stoch./Pvol all ok.
Vol + OBV ok.
Phase and MACD just turned up/pos.
Velocty,CCI, TCI turned up BUT still not yet broken 4 week general down trend, but nearly there.

On balance- looks good, for a safe and sure wait till the down trend is broken, otherwise a gamble as allways.

ooerr. Just broken med term trading band of 770/860. In a 60p wide down trend channel.Well below MA's and broken through lower bb.Phase and MACD heading south.
Very close to the low of Oct 99 @ 730, so a bounce may be in the offing.
All in all a no-no for now.

All in all looks very good. Velocity , CCI,TCI have all had down trend breaks to the upside.
There is a major price triangle forming from March 2000, giving a target price of around 400p.Upper trend line (resistance)tested 5 times, lower trend line (support)tested 7 times.Probably missed the train.....

AGS 125p has been support/resistance level in Nov/Dec and now. 16% buys and 6% sells at price. The rest in between. A whacking 18 million shares sold after 4.00, out of total of 25m. I think you'll know if they were buys or sells early Monday.
Thanks Guys

Thankyou fellas for your efforts.

I am in for 10,000 AGS @ 119.75 T+10 - looking good.

Where do you see this one going?? When would you get out??

Still watching EMA and HAS - they will have their day.

Being of a nervous disposition, I would have to say now. The reasons:
1. The High made a perfect falling trendline continuation from the intra-day highs of 13/12 and 08/01, failing to break the trend, yet alone close above it.
2: Recent rallies have been 4 days in length- current run is 4 days.
3:I concur with Riz's support @ 125.
4: Today closed down 0.25p forming a classic candlestick reversal DOJI.

On the up side, Velocity and CCI falling trend was broken to the upside but the falling TCI trend line is still intact.Phase, MACD, RSI, Stochastics and MF RSI still rising.
The long term CCI trend is solidly up, giving hope to longer term prospects 1 - 2 weeks.
If I were to gamble, I'd stay long. If I were sensible, I'd close.
Your call!

Thanks mate - out at 124.

Still watching, might get back in for the next bounce.

A profit is a profit and three of these a week gives me approx £1000 pw.