T2W US Markets Workshop AM 24/04


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I would like to attend.


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'Jamie's Bar', off Charlotte St. in West End (nr. TCR & Goodge St.).

stoploss please

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Structure for US Markets Work Shop


We are going to need to Structure these meetings. What I think will be of benefit to all of us is if look at one area in detail at each meeting. At subsequent meetings we discuss new areas thus adding layers.

As price action is fractal, I do not think it is worth trying to define subjects such as Intra Day, Swing, Investing. IMHO, what we should be looking for are good reward to low risk entries in the time frame we are trading.

Below is a list of subjects we could maybe discuss at the first meeting.

Dow theory
Gann theory
Support and Resistance as defined by you.
Price patterns and when they work. ie Triple bottom at the previous days high.

At subsequent meetings we could discuss

Price derived indicators - Your favourite and why.
Point and Figure
Beta plays
Trading without indicators (Price and volume)
Tape reading
Trading multiple time frames.
Elliot Wave

This stuff will be basic to some of you. At an early stage of the workshop we therefore have assess what subjects we can skip over and what subjects deserve more attention. To make this easier for everyone, can the newbees attending who are not familiar with these terms please do some of their own research before they come along. This will helps us skip over the basics and allow us to have an in depth discussion.

I mentioned that it would be good if we could add layers as we discuss each subject, therefore it would be good if these various layers are brought together so that they complement each other. For instance I look at price action in relation to Support and resistance together with the Tick and MACD. With this in mind we are going to have to write notes that can be referred back to. I do not mind sharing this responsibility.

Please give me a shout if you are happy with this structure or if you have any ideas of your own.


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Andy this is exellent structure, totally agree for newbees to do some homework.

Also maybe say 5/10 min for each member ( depending on numbers) to introduce and quickly go through what works for them, and if they want to share their success/failure stories with other members!

Jay Lakhani
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I'll be there in the afternoon. I wouldn't mind sitting in on the workshop too but I'm fairly new to this and don't look at ES so if you are overflowing I'll bow out (like to go to the fx one though). PM me once you know numbers.

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