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The next TA in a Nutshell Course is being held on 10 may 2003 at Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre.

The details are on the T2W Events listing at:


Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappontment :!:

If anyone wants to ask any questions, please feel free to do so.

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Confirmation that the course is definitely on for 10 May 2003.

Joining instructions will be sent out by email in the next day or so.
TA in a Nutshell – a review

I went along to TBS’s course on Saturday and thought it might be worth jotting down a few observations in case others come this way and are wondering how to start…where to start…what does it all mean?

Well, this one day course is a very good way to begin. If one starts looking around T2W, you will soon see that there are many ways to trade but Sandy (TBS) has a KISS approach to reading a chart – trendlines, support and resistance (TSR). The use of indicators and oscillators receive scant coverage.

After a quick run through of TA and FA and why TA alone is (usually) enough, the day concentrated on looking at the patterns actually seen on a chart, whether they be trending, range bound, continuation. The common breakouts were discussed – double tops through to pennants – in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

(to get an idea – click here to see Sandy’s last chart:- http://www.trade2win.co.uk/boards/s...=&threadid=5344]

Sandy answered our novice questions all day, even over lunch there was no let up for him. He pretended to nip out for a ciggie but this was just to avoid another question…

During the afternoon we looked in more detail at some specific charts and interpretation of these via trendlines and the pattern recognition was excellent – bringing it all together with how to construct a trade plan. You just don't this from reading books.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and believe that I have a good understanding of some basic TA principles. In fact, according to Sandy, TSR is all you need to know so it is up to me now to run the gamut of indicators, oscillators and volume to complete a Trader’s Lifecycle and end up back at TSR !

If anyone has any questions and would like to know more from an attendee’s point of view then just let me know.

Cheers again, Sandy

Thanks for the comments Andrew and best of fortune with the next bit of the 'journey'!
TA in a nutshell course

I really should get my act together and look out for these latest posts. I missed the opportunity to comment sooner :!:

Like Soldier I also attended TBS course. I came away having gained something different to Soldier but , for me, just as important.

I had a decent grasp of the basics of TSR and some knowledge of the basic patterns (thanks to FTSEBeater, TBS, and big bruv :LOL: ) beforehand. However, I did gain three important things.

Firstly, all the miriad of indicators oscillators and theories are not always necessary to make a good trader. I learnt that they could be useful but not essential. This could make the learning curve a lot easier and get me to a live trading stage sooner. For me I still prefer to use a bit of MA as confirmation, but I will now use it with more discretion.
Secondly, the day as a whole was very useful with side discussions giving me the confidence that I am on roughly the same path as everyone, and struggling with similar gremlins. Not only this but it helped to hear how others were dealing with avariety of issues that I had come across, and others.
Thirdly, hearing from a pro about how to tie all these techniques together and use them as a small (albeit powerful) toolset made more sense than I have read in books or BBs.

Thanks TBS, not just for an informative course but for giving me the conviction that I should carry on and the confidence that I could have a good crack at this trading malarky.
TBS. TA in a nut shell.
Could you please tell me when and where your next training day is.
Hi Fluke, looking to set one up for 28 June at Wyboston again.

More details once I have crossed Sharky's palm with silver........
Great Course!

Roughly three month's ago I made the decision to take my trading seriously. This meant I had to immerse myself in books and look for appropriate training courses. My research into this involved attending various seminar's and speaking to as many training companies as I could. Finally I narrowed down my search to two companies who I felt were able to offer expert knowledge coupled with a reasonable price, Sandy's course was one of these.

I already knew the 'theory' involved in Technical Analysis but felt that maybe I was suffering from information overload. When learning a subject I find it difficult to 'filter out the noise', to know what works in the real world. Because Sandy actively trades himself he was able to show us real world TA that he consistantly profits from.

Sandy showed real life examples detailing the mind of a trader, what traders look for and how they approach each trade.
Having Sandy dissect charts to the class was inspiring. All the questions put to him by the class were promptly dealt with and clearly answered.

Usually, I am left with a vague understanding of certain subjects but this was not the case on this course. I now have a clear understanding of all areas covered.

Sandy's passionate and diligent approach to his work was very much appreciated. I now possess a real understanding of how TA and the markets really work.

If anyone's contemplating studying TA then I would recommend Sandy's class as their first stop. Believe me, you'll save many wasted hours reading about irrelevent indicator's.

Thank you Sandy for a very informative day.

Kind regards,

This was my second Nutshell course. I went along early last year when my knowledge of TA was all a bit theoretical, and it helped ground my ideas and put them into practice, even though I felt I hadn't grasped everything thoroughly.

This time felt like a much larger step of understanding, and I am gradually moving into automatically picking up on trend support and resistance when I glance at a chart rather than having to sit down with a ruler and think about it.

I am sure that Sandy's comments both on TMF when I first became interested in TA two years ago, and subsequently on the Nutshell courses will prove to have been important milestones in learning how to make money in trading.

If you're thinking about going on the next one, I would certainly recommend it.

For those booked on the course, the joining instructions will be going out by email today, so if you havn't received them by end of play please let me know.
Finalising the numbers for the course in the next few days, some places still available for those interested.

Thankyou to those that attended, hope that you enjoyed the day and went away with some solid groundwork in TA.
Hi all
Went on the course at Wyboston yesterday, good day out back to the basics of support and resistance.Came back home checked all of last weeks trades could have saved myself a lot of cash and wasted time if I had gone on it early.
Thanks Sandy for an informative day and a few laughs
I also went on Sandys course on Saturday & as someone very new to trading, felt that I learned a lot. I thought the course was very well presented, & excellent value for money, and am keen to put into practice Sandys methods. I would recommend the course to anyone like myself who is just starting out.
We also got the course on CD to refer back to when needed. I imagine I will wear this out!

ianh :D
Saturday 28th June 2003 - TA in a Nutshell Course

What can I say? A sound introduction to TA for outright beginners and for those who had some theory behind them, an enlightening way to put theory into practice.

I began the day arriving 40 minutes late (should have looked at a map before I left) and interrupting the already commenced course. Oh the embarassment. However I was welcomed and was no longer concerned. Sandy gave me a quick summary of the first 40 minutes of the nutshell, in a nutshell.

He then continued covering the basic aspects of Support/Resistance/Trends in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of Sandy and my fellow delegates.

After lunch, which I must add was rather nice(!), and having been beaten by some variety of chocolate cake and strawberries, Sandy continued, covering chart patterns.

The last hour and a half was truly excellent and brought together everything we had learned for the day. We were given various charts and then told to analyse them. On the final charts I was already busy marking the important trend/resistance/support lines - it is very easy to get carried away!

In conclusion, the day was useful to say the least. I am attacking charts with much greater confidence. I came to the course knowing the basics of Trend/Support/Resistance and a few Chart Patterns - at least I thought I did. Putting it into practice under the eye of Sandy confirmed I knew very little and had the wrong end of the stick several times.

I came away from the course not just knowing more, but most importantly putting this theory into practice.

Well worth it. Thank you Sandy.

Kind Regards,

I'd certainly be interested in attending the course - a Saturday would be ideal.

Sandy is on holiday for the next week or so but I'm sure he'll get back to you when he returns.
The next TA in a Nutshell Course is being held on 18 Oct 2003 at Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre.

The details will be on the T2W Events listing shortly:

Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappontment :!:

If anyone wants to ask any questions, please feel free to do so.

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