T2W Celebrates 1000 Members!


It is with great pleasure that today, 5th April 2002, marks the 1000th member (Chris - well done!) of T2W. Quick thank yous to all the people who have helped to create this fantastic trading community - bb contributors, moderators, chatroom operators, lecturers and anyone else who has provided suggestions and feedback on the site.

On a personal note, T2W has been a labour of love for me from the beginning. I'm very proud of the site and of the people who choose to use it.

Today is a very special day for me and I'm sure for anyone else who has contributed to the success of the site.

Paul Gould.
WELL DONE PAUL, you and your team deserve success. Having met you just once ,I never doubted it TRADE2WIN will go from strength to strength.
regards fredroff
Well done Sharky.

Fredroff is right, it's going from strength to strength and I'm always looking forward to the new add-ons.
Great! It didnt take us long to hit 1k...here's to the next k then :)


I'm glad I found T2W - it's now one of only two sites that's part of my 'logon routine' every day:)

It's a great combination of useful information, lovely people and good environment.

Here's to the next 1000 (at least)

Congratulations on hitting the 1k milestone!

I'm very pleased to be the 1000'th member (do I get a prize? - ;) )

Looking forward to getting to know some of the members and learning a lot in the near future.

Best regards,

Thanks everyone! Your encouragement is always appreciated. :)

Lots to look forward to in the coming year as we've really just scratched the surface with the site as it stands... So stay tuned!