Synergy / Checkmate / Fusion / Aberration


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Anyone have any experience of the above trading systems? Keen to hear from anyone who has actually used them over a period.



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Never used it

Can I ask a question? You are a senior member (I assume that means a senior trader). Your profile says you made over £100k last year. Why do guys like you who are clearly successful continue to search for new things? Is it a "more profit" thing, or do you find something stops working or what? I'm interested as I seem to be doing OK now, but when I see big sucessful traders like you keeping on looking it makes me wonder if I should do the same thing.


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I made a very good profit last year but on a very large amount of capital. I wish I could say it was all made through skill, but there was a lot of luck involved too! I find systems trading very interesting (because of my mathematical background) and am always keen to find systems that actually work.

I guess my interest is more in the pursuit.


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Markjpwill - RM also says his real name is "Troy Tempest". Now don't get me wrong - it might well be...

A serious response to your question though, I find most traders who have been trading for any length of time will have seen many systems that work - begin to not work so well - and then not at all.

It probably serves you better to be looking for 'additional' methods and systems while you have one (or more) that are currently doing OK rather than wait until you are doing less well before you start looking and researching.

The other thing is of course, that most successful traders are passionate about what they do and would be looking for new stuff all the time anyway - it's a labour of love.

As RM put it for him - it's the pursuit.


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Too true!

Even if I had a system that would repeat my performance of last year, I would spend most of my time look to improve it and find new approaches that would beat that performance.

A big chunk of my profit last year came from one trade. Almost exactly 12 months ago, I bought the Dow at £10 per point. After it had risen about 300 points from my entry, I did the same again. My position eventually grew to £50 per point. I lost my nerve after a few weeks and took some profits, but am still in that position today at £20 per point. With hindsight it seems easy!

The rest of my profit came from spreadbetting a number of stocks such as William Hill, Enterprise Inns, Man Group, mm02, Reuters, Cable & Wireless.

I did pretty well in 2002 when I went short the FTSE and Dow in April/May when they both fell through resistance.

Hope that helps.


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If you are really that interested then you should have a look at:

It will cost you $50 to get a detailed independent evaluation of any of the systems you mentioned. But, hey, you gotta speculate to accumulate, right? ;).

Not so sure I would bother with abberation. If memory serves me correctly it was "cracked" years ago. If you route around enough on the web in the right places I'm sure you will discover it's "secrets". Haven't seen anything relating to the others though.


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My impression of commercial systems including these is that
any success they have had is largely due to trading EOD currencies (against $) plus sometimes bonds and notes.
Many of them claim they trade various other futures markets and whilst there probably are valid "money management" reasons for doing so its not very confidence boosting to know they would have made a bundle in grains twenty years ago or cotton a few years ago and losses since.
Other systems trading indices and stocks each seem to have different characteristics.
I haven't noticed any useful stock trading systems in Futures Truth and the indices trading systems seem to come and go with one or two enjoying some success over the longer term (see FT website).
I f you want to read what happens when everbody trading Aberration wants to go long the Rough Rice market at the same time and other stories go to forum at:
Archive is good but current stuff largely spam.


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Mnay thanks for the useful replies. I have researched ft before, but am particulalry interested to hear from anyone who has hands on experience of these systems.
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