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Ah, the ever present question as to where a trader should place stops. We all encounter this as we are trading. Let’s face it, there is a fine balance in placing a stop that allows you to minimize damage from a bad trade and a stop that is too close to the market which will get shaken out with normal volatility. So what is a trader to do? In past lessons, I have suggested some volatility stops and even using average prices.
Successful traders follow rule-based strategies to minimize emotions. That is exactly what we teach in our courses. This week, I will discuss a rule-based stop method that is based on using the definition of trends to determine when to exit.
An uptrend is a series of higher lows usually accompanied by higher highs in price. A downtrend, in contrast, is a series of lower highs accompanied by lower lows. As traders, we are taught to trade in the direction of the prevailing trend for our selected trading time frame. Logic dictates that if that trend ends, it would...

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We've just published a new T2W article called "Swing Stops" by Brandon Wendell.

Quick Summary: Brandon Wendell gives straight forward advice on where to place stops when swing trading

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This is great in theory, and has been written many times over..however its by no means straight forward. Even in this example, its debatable whether Brendan has even labelled his swing lows correctly, and so it is for many people who get stopped out.
There are two areas where its very debatable whether these are really swing lows, and then try to apply this theory in practice and its no wonder there is confusion.


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figure 1

not sure I understand the red candle (4th from the left) - it appears to have finished the time set higher than the previous candle yet it is red. Is it an error or are the colours not purely linked to higher or closing close/start positions

many thanks



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buy at demand

in this article you describe some important issues in your chart you showd "Buy at Demand" could u mention any tips to indetify the demand ?
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