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Hi All

I’ve always been interested in the way in which our ancestors hunted for their food, and how they survived off the “fat of the land”. The logical connections with trading are easy to see.

As hunters, we were designed to analyse quickly in order to attack our pray. The consequence for not doing it was loss of food and ultimately death – leaving the fittest to survive.
Trading differs in that trading is not a matter of life and death, (as there are other ways of making money to feed ourselves), but the skills we would have learnt to hunt and kill are transferable to trading, (after all trading is about timing and gut feeling)

When young males (and in later years, young females) were first taught to hunt, they thought of it as a game – a bit of fun (sounds familiar?), and after all, they didn’t need to kill anything, as the parents would find them food. Which leads me to believe that trading for living is the same as hunting. It might start off as a game, but when survival rests on it, new pressures are put on, as there is no fall back.
If you take Naz for example. A highly skilled trader who has transferred his natural hunting skills, into stalking a stock chart / L2 screen until it makes the movement and exposes itself for a kill.

Hunting skills took years for a young male to develop. So why do we expect trading to be any shorter a learning curve. Especially as it has been proved that you learn most when you’re young.

The skills that you learn when new to trading - are the skills that you go onto depend on, if you start trading full-time. In the same way that hunters depended on their skills to hunt for food, after the parents were unable to support them.

It also makes me wonder if we need to trade full-time, to fully utilise our skills as that’s when we stop relying on the day job to pay for food etc. This would be the same as supporting ourselves once our parents are unable to care for us.
This might explain why I traded a lot better when I started full-time as apposed to trading part-time.
I’m not saying that you have to trade full-time, far from it, after all there are other ways of making money other than the stock markets.
I do believe though, that a trader must use the natural hunting skills to trade, as this is the edge that most traders need.

As always these are my thoughts and are worth exactly what you paid for them. :)
Mid Life crisis


Hunting, yes I can see the connection.

Other things that happen are when you get a sudden urge to go and live in the Dax from there via easy2trade?....still working on the wife :D
Hmmm... Interesting thoughts.

I suppose the connection is there. And it can get pretty bloody too!!
As to why we are not willing to learn over several years... well, that's 'cos we want it NOW!!

Re: Mid Life crisis

neil said:
Other things that happen are when you get a sudden urge to go and live in the Dax from there via easy2trade

With there Neil, mais pour moi, ca sera l'EuroStoxx avec IB. Threaten to leave the wife behind and find a new one in Europe :D