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I'm new to trading and working my way through a few ideas that I've read about. Are there any web sites out there that give their view on current support and resistence levels for individual stocks? I'm going to concentrate my efforts on a knowledge of one or two companies, but I find it difficult to identify S&R points myself - I'd like to look at some charts in real time and have someone suggest where these levels might lie.

Hi JohnsonR

After trawling through hundreds of sites, I dont think I have ever come across one where they indicate SR levels, I guess its down to personal judgement, quite easy to identify really and also, different timescales have different SR levels.

If you want to understand a bit more about SR then check these sites out for their educational stuff

Good luck
Hi johnsonr,
You can always do a search on google for realtime trading charts etc and see what that throws up.
But being new to trading, don't start with real time stuff. Look at historic charts, any time frame. sup and res points are easy to see.
If you can't see them easily, don't think about trading yet.
Dependent on what markets you want to trade then determines your next step.

Thanks for this site. Lots of stuff to checkout. As a newbie this helps confirm whether Im on the right track with my TA. Do you use the site yourself?
Support and Resistance Levels are where you put them. i.e. whatever time frame you are looking at be it weekly, daily, intraday. Look at the peaks and troughs and draw your line between two highs/lows, I would also suggest you look at trend lines too.

There are propietary plug ins for various programmes but my experience is they are a waste of money. Once your familiarise yourself with study of charts you will have no difficulty in observing support/resistance without even having to draw a line.

best S/R

I thought was the 'val area' on the old s&p, then I found out about the camarilla equation. Then I discovered smirnoff. :)