Stocks&Commodities 2003 Readers' Choice


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Ciao everybody, someone know how to find the list “ Stocks&Commodities 2003 Readers' Choice” (or for the year back) related to software for charting – data feed ecc. . I have tried on yahoo! and other but I can’t find it. In this list the software are scheduled by price and winner.

If can be useful I have find this list for software
If you have any suggestion about software-data feed real time or link please post it.

Thank Bonsai, yes I have tried on also on internal search engine, but I don't have the list. Since they are the editors, the list " I think " should be on the home page, but nothing.
Hi Redcloud,

So far as I know the RCA's are published in S&C's Annual Bonus issue and this is only available to subscribers.

As it happens, I've got a copy in front of me now and I can tell you that there were a total of twenty categories overall with four of the top places in each category receiving individual awards; with the rest receiving honourable mentions.

Metastock were the winners of two of the Standalone Analytical Software categories, these being >$500 and >$200 and <$499. eSignal took the prize in the RT datafeed category and TC2000 Stock Data Service won the EOD.

Does this help? :)


Thank Mayfly can you give me and us, the list in this forum with an attached file?
Or can you post the result for the categories ---Standalone Analytical Software & RT datafeed --- both for the winner and the rest, in all price range?

Thank in advance for every reply.
Hi Redcloud,

Bear in mind that the list comes to 14 pages of A4 - or its US equivalent.

Best if I scan into PDF in greyscale then. Happy to do this for you if you give me a couple of days and provided you agree not to tell on me.