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Hi, I want to scan stocks for a specific criterion. my criterion is: to scan a specific date for the highest closing price that was passed beyond but the highest point in a day was not passed beyond. or vice versa. for example: January 1th-30th. I want to be able to scan the stocks not only in US but various world stock markets, too. I'm looking for a software or a sysyem that can do this. Is there anyone who can help me about this ?


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Hi. You would be able to program Metastock to do that, though it is a bit complicated. Telechart would work perfectly for you, but I believe it is only US data.

Also, you may want to check out, which is free and allows scanning of global markets. However, I am not sure if they offer the exact customization you are looking for.

Finally, you may want to check out Technical Stock Screening Software For USA, Canada, UK, and India. It is another free stock screener and I know there is market data outside the US available as well. Still, this screener is designed with preset criteria, so may not perfectly suit your requirements.

Hope that helps a bit.


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Your criteria is quite specific. Look for a trading platform that gives access to historical data of markets you are interested in and ability of custom programming. It could be a little bit expensive and may require time to learn the tools.

since you are interested in the past (you mentioned specific date), I would assume that you have some idea and you would like to test it. If this is the case try to narrow to US market only - it could make your job easier.


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If you are looking for a cheap way to test historical data you might try programming excel, most people probably have access to this already, and buy some historical data in CSV form from a provider such as When I first got into technical analysis many years ago I was able to do things that way.
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