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I use MSN moneys Power Searches to find some US stocks. This has categories like 52 week high, 5yr high crossed 200/50 day ma and some others.

Are there other web sites where I can do other searches. Objective is to search shares for options writing- call and put. Thanks

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I actually use the screeners I can set up through my broker, Charles Schwab. That's free.

A good for pay tool is Daily Graphs (, which is the data that goes in to Investors Business Daily. Lots of great data for screening. The price isn't too bad either.


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The best i found is this is a broker but you can open account wothout depositing money. You can then take advantage of tools and screening. it is excellent for options screening.


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and yahoo has a java based scanner, that will also serve your purpose


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I've also just found two at the Nasdaq website and I think they are free.
The first one is their standard stock screener
Stock Screener - Free Stock Market Screeners at
The second one is their Guru stock screener and is based on growth and value criteria defined by the writers of some of the great trading books (James P O Shaunessy, Motley Fool, Benjamin Graham, David Dreman, Peter Lynch, Kenneth Fisher, Martin Zweig and one or two others)
Guru Stock Screener



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For US stocks, one interesting screener is the Motley Fool CAPS screener. Stocks are assigned a rating from 1 - 5 according to members view of the stock. There are around 100K members, and 2M ratings. Members ratings are weighted according to their past performance.

I downloaded the ratings for the constituents of the S&P 500, and constructed unweighted indices for stocks of rating 1 (worst) and rating 5 (best). These chart were constructed at the end of May. I find these results very interesting, and are confirmed by a fair bit of other testing I have done integrating with my own stock screens.


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