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Factually I thought a lot where to post my questions here or in First steps forum, but decided that this forum is more appropriate.
I am interested in stock options on Turquoise or NYSE LIFFE, maybe somebody trades there and can help me. I viewed their sites but couldn`t find full description of the process of trading.
All this options are margined? and should I pay premium? also when money are written off?(immediately or in the evening)
How I understand all stock options are physically settled but I don`t fully understand the process of delivary. I meant should I have different accounts for stocks and options (and then how should I link them) or I can use only one account. What`s more when I should deliver stocks, if it is going automatically should I mark which stocks can be used for this. And what if I don`t have required stocks in my account.
and one more question, maybe somebody knows, why the majority of stock options are american-style options, although this can be inconvenient for sellers
thank you in advance


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Your questions aren't entirely understandable. Majority of the questions you're asking about the technicalities of trading should be addressed to your broker. They are the only ones who can tell you specifically what they do for these options.

Options are American-style for historical reasons. They're not designed to be (in)convenient for a specific audience, really.
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