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I came across this site intended for prospective traders.

It is not for the few who search for the holy grail of trading but for those who wish to acquire a knowledge base to assist them to help themselves.

The site does not contain all information on trading but may give you ideas that you can research elsewhere.

Fortunately the forum is still untainted by the literary thugs that have troubled T2W in the recent past.

Here it is :

Hope this helps some of you.


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Hi all, I'm a fairly new trader , I just buy and sell uk stock,and pay 0.5% tax on all buys plus commission each way, I know this is not the best way, but at present its all I know, SB makes me feel uncomfortable,I believe I read somewhere on this BB that 95% of people lose money, (Re:bertie article7/11/03),I get the distinct impression that many traders prefer the us markets, why is this ? I think what I'm looking for is some advice or guidence on how I can trade better and keep my costs down etc, even switch to the us ? any info welcome, thanks................jk
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