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good morning oatman,

could you please (or anyone else) tell me if one needs a program like this one when already using a firewall?


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Hi nicos,
A firewall will keep out hackers etc but when you visit certain websites, they leave tracking cookies and other junk to follow you on the internet for advertising and marketing purposes.
Too much of this junk will eventually slow you down. Some sites may attempt to hijack your browser to take you to their websites.
Download update and run these 2
Ad-aware http://www.snapfiles.com/get/adaware.html
Spybot http://www.safer-networking.org/index.php?lang=en&page=download
These 2 will safely clean out anything you've picked up.
In Ad-aware it's safe to fix everything it finds. In Spybot only fix those prechecked in red. They will quarantine what they find.
If you've never used programmes like these before you may be surprised what they find.
SpywareBlaster will stop a lot of this junk getting on in the first place.
These are all free :cheesy:


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many thanks oatman, I will follow your advice. I take it it's also useful to have SpywareBlaster too?


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The point is that no single programme will be 100%.
Personally, I run SpywareBlaster, Spywareguard and WinPatrol
Sygate for a firewall and AVG antivirus.
Also I scan regularly with Ad-aware and Spybot.
Additionally I perform a variety of online antivirus scans from time to time with Trendmicro, Panda and RAV.
If you're online all day you need good protection.
I've only been caught twice :eek: Once after a clean install, I went online without a firewall :rolleyes: and instantly copped MsBlast. The other time I picked up a minor trojan. I must have clicked on something without realising.
It doesn't matter how much protection you've got if you're not careful.
It's important to make sure you keep everything updated.
All these are free :cheesy:


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what can I say, oatman.. here's another "thank you"! I also want to take this opportunity to thank rossored for his good work on the subject


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Just to add a little bit to this thread.

Running the programs mentioned is definitely a good idea. But running these programs is a remedy, whereas you should be looking towards prevention.

In almost all cases you could've prevented the nasty things (that the spyware/adware removal tool finds) from getting onto your computer by following a few simple rules.

1. Stop and think before you install any program. Do you trust the creator ? Virus scan it before installing if you're not sure. Go to google and type in the name of the program and spyware, see if there have been complaints before. Many 'reputable' companies will piggyback spyware on the back of their software. Never run anything you receive by email from an untrusted source, even if they are trusted they may not realise what they send contains a virus of spyware.

2. Keep your software up to date. Run windows update regularly and it will keep your Operating System and Internet Explorer up to date. The only possible drawback to this is that an update may be incompatible with your existing 3rd party software. This incompatibility is very rare and most people pick the lesser of two evils and keep their software as up to date as possible.

3. Turn browser acceptance of Cookies off, if a site needs them you can grant it permission. Cookies in themselves aren't harmful they're just text. However the main reasons people dislike them are people can use them to track your website viewnig habits, a possible breach of your privacy. The other reason is that depending upon which sites you visit (I'm guilty) you may find cookies along the lines of 'sextracker.com' stored on your computer, some people don't want to leave files like that lying around.

4.Ensure you have a good firewall and up to date antivirus.

If these rules are new to you, follow them and you're in better shape than you were before :).


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I have picked up Trojan horse PSW. Tofger. BE virus. When I try to move it to viruswall I get the message that it can not be removed. The name of file is C:\windows\CMD32.DLL.

Please help what should I do now. Thanks for help. This was picked up by AVG


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People got this one viewing the ss furer post on Sunday.
There should be some help there if you can trawl through it.
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