Spreadbetting US30

miti 1000

I've started scalping the US30 (DOW) on Cmc by spreadbetting purely on instinct in the past few months. Been doing huge volumes, such as in May , 1880million and now in June 2544million volume. Its been profitable mainly down to volume rebates I am getting and some profit on the actual trades.

My question is who actually is the best spreadbetter to use in the UK for spreadbetting the US30. Cmc spreads (1.60 in market hours, 2.4 spread outside) are better than IG but they have slippage and requotes whereas IG are pretty good on hardly any requotes but of course have a wider spread( 2.4 in market hours , 3.6 outside market hours ). Volume rebates are better with CMC than IG.

Are their actually US30 dma providers in the UK for spreadbetting or are big volume traders just using DMA and not bothering with spreadbetting . If anyone could direct me to anywhere to answer theses questions , I'd be grateful.
Which spreadbetter do you find is best for trading the dow ? I'm using cmc mainly as their spreads are 1.6 during market hours whereas IG are about 2.4. There is slippage with cmc prices so the saving is not as good as that sounds but I'm reasonably happy with them.
Are their any other companies which offer a better spread whose quotes can be relied upon in size , say up to 60 pounds a point ?
I don't often trade the Dow and only do so when I do long-term off the D1 charts. I use LCG: their platform is stable and similar (in appearance at least) to MT4. Their minimum spread on the Dow is also 1.6pts. I don't know what their max. stake size is.