Spreadbetting Gold


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Does anyone out there ever spreadbet on the price of Gold ?

Also, if anyone could point me at some web sites wehere I could get info about the Gold market, I'd be very grateful.



I have been looking at it too. Nice ABC correction possibly completed from perfectly formed 1,2,3,4,5 Elliott wave rally (60 min chart).

Go to and search for 'Comex Gold' You want the Dec contract. Price is delayed but you can do various studies and alter the settings as you choose.

Good luck. (If the market crashes all that money has to go somewhere !)

Good luck.

last post from memory ! ABC correction definitely completed. 317 support, buy signal c. 318.5. Strong rally in progress, wait for pullback if you want some of the action, looks o/bought in short term. If Dow rallies off 8500 could see that pullback ?
Trouble as always with sb's is size of spread. Check your trading 1/10ths or whole points b4 placing your stake. Don't want to accidentally trade 10 x your risk level !!
Keep us all posted if u go for it !
Thanks Mike & Barry for your replies.

I'm gonna more research first before placing any trades, but it does look like a good time to go long.
This might be useful. Keep an eye on the Iraqi - USA situation. Gold tends to shoot up impending a war and during. Whn there seems to be a conclusion, it then slides back to its norm. It did this during the last conflict