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I dunno if anyone has noticed, but you should be aware of a slight gold rally in progress to say the least!
Just wondered if anyone out there spreadbets gold contracts?
With the uncertainty hanging over the equity markets gold can be seen as a 'safe-haven' by some investors.

Take a look at the chart, impressive performance so far.



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I do..


I spreadbet a basket of commodities and have had a great run in the gold market. I am not a daytrader but always look for the big trend and so have seen some great trends recently. Gold is one but Euro, silver, cocoa and others have all provided great opportunities.

If you want to catch the big trends you have to be prepared for drawdowns and that is why most punters find it difficult to do.

Good luck with your trading.
Thanks aussietrader,

I see gold support at around 370, so after the couple of $ fall the last few days, I see this as good place to get in to catch somemore of this bull run.

I've been spreadbetting gold since the end of last year fairly successfully.

General concensus is that if gold can hold above the mid 360s, then a move to 400+ is very likely soon.

Lovely trend following the breakout from last years triangle, which was also a handle on a multi-year cup and saucer bottom, but can't help feeling that the short term trend is now due some sort of pullback, which will create a new buying opportunity.


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Gold / Coffee

I should imagine that 420 - 440 will prove very difficult to overcome. Coffee is rpoviding fantastic returns and could weel double or even triple from current levels. I have been long since the summer

4th September 2002 – Monthly Chart

Here we can see the real long term potential for an explosive move upwards in Coffee. The short-term charts got us in at 494 and once it had cleared the 522 area which indicated a break out this commodity has not looked back. The system originally indicated a long term Buy signal at 470 with a Stop at 435 and a Target up at a little over 1800!! That is some risk reward ratio! What will cause this massive increase in prices, God alone knows?


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......... and here's the daily chart. That could be an exhaustion gap that has just been closed, but the immediate outlook seems bearish. Maybe look for a reversal at the ema?


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