Spreadbet bias - true or false

Interesting thead! could go on and on, however can anyone shed some light on the following:

As a matter of interest does any body know how a trader is supposed to know how and where the futures price of a stock moved during the day with the SB company? this is if the trader checks his/her trade at the end of day and finds out that the stop loss has been triggered by the SB futures price, and not the days actual traded price.
I have had this happen to me a number of times with Fins even though the stock did not trade at that price, I got stopped out, if you speak to Fins they will confirm that their futures price hit my stop loss…I just have to take their word for it as I can not check this out anywhere else…any suggestions ???


mmillar, I have never written abusive comments about FinSpreads, neither have they alleged so or given it as the reason of the suspension, my post in that regard is `the reason they give me is that it is not good for me... `

Nothing here suggesting I have ever written abusive comments about them... once again you are out of line, I hope it is a simple misinterpreration and I dont start wondering what your motives are in writing this...

Ok let's keep it to non personals. Thanks. When it is said someone has first hand experience, take it as read it's true, especially in this delicate subject. I will repeat that we know that the SB's read this snd other BB's. No one can be expected to lay their cards on the table for all to see. If someone want's to boast about how good they are, that's another matter.