Spread Betting from the US


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I live in the States and I would like to get into spread betting. I have tried to set up a personal account, but all of the major UK firms won't allow accept anyone with a US address. Does anyone know a way around this?

I was going to set up a shell company in the UK. Deal4Free said that's the only way I could do it. Has anyone out there done this before and is familiar with the steps that are required?


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I doubt if a shell company will be allowed tax free profits like UK individuals currently are
on SB profits.

If it isnt tax free then there isnt really much point of using an SB over Direct Access.


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If you could find someone you trusted, I mean really trusted, that was resident in the UK, you could ask them to set up an account for you.


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Been there, done that.

That's a good idea, and trust me, it was plan C. I even tried to use my uncle's address who lives in Ireland. I really don't know anyone in the UK and I didn't want to burden my uncle with having to set up an account.

Thanks for the thought though.


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You haven't said if you're an American or not, only that you live there. If you are American then unless you can find that trusted person there's no point in thinking about it.
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