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Hi all,

I've now added the ability to spellcheck any new or existing posts or private messages on T2W. You'll find the spell check facility available below the form you enter your post/pm, simple called "Spell Check". When you click on the button, a pop-up window appears showing the text you've entered and drop-down menus for every word that the spell check thinks is spelled wrong. It's really simple to use, so give a try the next time you post a message.

This is brilliant Sharky - Thank you very much.

Now I won't spend hours copying stuff into Word to spell check :cool:
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Now I won't spend hours coping stuff into Word to spell check

coping..........is thet spelled right? coving perhaps.... coaxing......cadjoling...... ah! I know what it is... it's copying. Sorry Paul, the spellchecker doesn't seem to be working too will.....:)
doh . Another one that needs inglish lessons :)
hehehehehe. I'm glad HE went away. Well, actually, HE didnt have any choice. The Modulators saw to that.
I'm finding it really useful myself, glad it's working so well.

Out of interest do many members use the "Post Quick Reply" box instead of the the post reply button? And if so, would you like me to add spell checking to this - even though it's only supposed to be used if you're in a rush!
I use "quick reply" all the time - great idea to put spell-checker in this area.....
Well, what happened to the spell checker!?

There I am spell checking my post about the website cookies, click on the spell check button and I get a page not found message! Hmmm.. what's going on I wonder. Well it's not there anymore, don't have a clue where it went, maybe it was working a bit too hard and fancied a holiday. Anyway I've found a suitable replacement so you've got no more excuses for tpyos!


ps. Yes! That was a deliberate mistake ;)

pss. Going to add the spell checker to the quick reply form tonight too as promised - it's just taken me a couple of months! Eeek!
spell chequers, nevre used one yet and I downt intnde to start using one nou!
Tronbidge wellls
LOL :)

Now added the spell check to the Quick Reply box in the forums, the reviews and journal section of the website.