So who made a killing today?


Kicking myself today. Met a friend for lunch and completely forgot all this economic data was coming out of the US. Came back at 1.45pm and saw the numbers. Today a perfect example of a point I have made in the past about being quick on the trigger. If I hadn't been such a fool I would have had a trade lined up, ready to click buy or sell on the EUR/USD. Excellent numbers came out. What happened? Dropped from about 1740 at 1:30 like an absolute stone. Now at 1691. A great opportunity for a quick and dirty profit if I ever saw one - hope someone got on it!!!
I was doing it the other way around

Long this morning on cable and eur$ stop to entry asap, then covered a small profit and went for lunch... a loverly pork dish with a mushroom and white whine sauce MMMmmmm..... came back to see that it tanked with 40 pips in the bank, flat now looking for entries