So, what you're really sayin' is

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Hi Fake pandemic here

I just wanted to give you an update on how the hoax is going from my end

it’s going like this


I don’t know what’s wrong to be honest

Ten years in the planning

By the best psychopathic minds in the business

bought and paid for CDC, WHO, IMPERIAL COLLEGE and insiders

shilling full speed ahead

Terrified wannabe whistle blowers

Clueless politicians

Army of useful idiots in uniforms and hazmat suits

silenced, non paid for experts

Gerrymandered death toll

still hasn’t convinced you that this flu

is more scary than normal flu

which kills more people than covid 19 every year

I’m beginning to think that we really will have to get the army on the streets

to beat some 2+2=5 sense into you

These are the current symptoms of coronavirus

1- flu symptom

2- flu symptom

3- pneumonia

4- flu symptom

5- flu symptom

6- flu symptom

7- flu symptom

8- flu symptom

9- flu symptom

However, I reserve the right to introduce new bogus symptoms that I will be adding to this list to try and scare those wandering out of their houses back into subservience.

Also you can expect past order takers like Theresa May, to be taken out of the toy box

dusted down and to start singing from the hymn sheet

like some grotesque spitting image puppets

Probably catching the virus themselves in order to lend credibility to the cover story

Following in the footsteps of Merkel/Macron/Johnson/Madonna/Barnier/Prince Charles and many other fakers

You can also look forward to the dillweeds with cognitive dissonance doubling down their efforts to have you jailed or shot for disagreeing with them and possibly giving them the flu

Don’t worry, they will get round to resisting tyranny if the tyranny starts walking it back leaving the dangerous stuff to those too stupid to appreciate my soon to be increasing fake powers

What’s new?

Hi Jake Pandemic here

Jake, as in Jacob;)

Just to let you know I've started with the fake variations and more things to worry about spiel



“The cases have in common overlapping features of toxic shock syndrome and atypical Kawasaki Disease, with blood parameters consistent with severe COVID-19 in children,” the warning reads. Symptoms including abdominal pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, and cardiac inflammation have been common for children with confirmed COVID-19 results as well as kids whose tests came back negative.

So. nothing to do with covid 19 (the flu)


everything to do with covid19 (the flu)

at the same time

because black is white


and the truth is what ever I say it is

Now. let's address a couple of issues

1- People are starting to see through this charade

Some people
saw through this charade on day 1 and were told to provide proof

(something that the hoaxers were obligated to do)

either way, waking up or not, it won't make any difference

Do you really think that after planning this for decades I'm gonna just walk this back because some people "are beginning to see through this charade"?

Oy vey, it doesn't verk like that.

2- The
gentleman in the video (and others)

Immunology 101 had no place in the simulation I did

Do I really need to spell it out?

Anyway, it was so nice chatting with you

Go to go off and do some more of God's work now

Keep doing just exactly as you are doing

it's working for me
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David Knight

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Hi slaves, Jake Pandemic here

or, if you like, Jack The Bug

I notice more of you are starting to wander outside in bigger numbers and for longer periods

More cars driving about

People starting to close the social distancing gap

Just to remind you, we told you that if you started doing this we would bring in tougher measures

And we will.

Most of you dillweeds don't really get this still

your old life is finished

we have trashed it

we are following a script

and that script will be implimented

You really think that it will all just blow over if you pretend it's not really happening?

That some good guys somewhere are going to step in and save the day?

A few people can see it

But that will not make any difference

You blew it

The only thing that can stop this is mass (global) sustained protests

You will need to get off your fat complacent cognitive dissonance laden arse and actually do something

We will be well advanced by then- you will be facing armed police and the army

You were warned for 19 years

you didn't listen

because the message was too long

You didn't act

you preferred to attack the messengers

and there were many

you couldn't handle freedom and the responsibilities that came with it

Now reap what you have sown

Freedom won't even be remembered in history books

I would pity you

If I wasn't a psycopath
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David Knight

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Hi slaves, Jake Pandemic here

Hope you're enjoying your demise

I know you have the cognitive skills of a blind st benards dog and the memory of a dead gold fish

So here, once again is what you traded in your life for


  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Repeated shaking with chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell
Otherwise known as FLU

And this is what your puppet politicians have inflicted on you with the help of their media and their police force

Economic damage, meanwhile, is piling up around the world. The United Nations’ main labor body predicted the world will lose the equivalent of about 305 million full-time jobs in the second quarter. It also projected that 1.6 billion workers in the “informal economy,” including those working beyond the reach of the government, “stand in immediate danger of having their livelihoods destroyed.” That is nearly half the global workforce of 3.3 billion people.

(and a few million small businesses)

And don't forget the enforced lockdown and social distancing

Not bad for a small band of Jacobs

But that's nothing

The mandated vaccine will wipe out about 6 billion of you

Turns out, that Matt Harmcock's legacy will over shadow Tony Blair by a very long way

In fact, the Jacobs will over shadow the Nazis by a very long way also

which is ironic really, although not as ironic as it seems, if you know your history

Still, he thought he was doing the right thing

Which is what all useful idiots think

Like all sociopaths, he will blot out the facts on the ground and carry on until somebody stops him

the cost of the 'cure' will be worth it in his mind

just like the deaths of 500k Iraqi children were worth it to Madeline Albright

The domestic violence, stress, heart attacks, suicides, deaths of people too scared to go to hospital, or told they can't come..

..what does all that matter to Matt Harmcock?

All he has to do is tell you he too, has a 13 year old son and fake some emotion and most dillweeds will give him a pass

Without the lockdown more would have died

Neil Ferguson told him and who would ever doubt that guy?

Wait until you see the real Harmcock

cracking down on the protestors whom he'll blame for the planned 'second wave'

Sit back and enjoy as the BBC calmly explains why the police had to beat and drag away those traitors

after warning you that 'some viewers may find some scenes in the following report disturbing'

Wonder how many more people will die between now and the next time we meet?

Until then, stay home and help keep those empty hospitals empty


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Disposable useful idiot no longer protected by the state is taken out

Btw Neil, have you got a picture of your girlfriend... you know, for the 'story'?

I haven't got a girlfriend

Never mind , we'll get a pic of someone, don't worry

But won't you have to fake an upset husband story?

Maybe... so what's your point?

Ms Staats, I mean, c'mon!

FFS, the UK contains THE BIGGEST bunch of hyprocrytical WANKERS on the planet, they can shove their lockdown, I'm off to the beach.

David Knight

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How to make sure you get the most inaccurate predictions possible


Veteren member
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How to make sure you get the most inaccurate predictions possible

Incompetence at a national level.

David Knight

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Screenshot (1531).png

David Knight

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"This is also why protesting on the streets is the wrong approach. The best form of protest is non compliance and community support at a local level. Don't "protest" just Disconnect! "

Anyone who supports tracing, tracking, quarantine for the healthy, isolation, social distancing, clapping the NHS, forced vaccines and 'new normal'- you are with Gates and Fauci and the puppet government

You and them, are far more dangerous than any flu virus


David Knight

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If you go on the streets to protest, you play into the state's hands. You are effectively asking for the state to reverse a decision it has made over you.

The state does not own you. You are only free if you do not act like a slave. If you have to ask for permssion to be free, then you are not free.

If you have to ask for permssion to be free, then you are not free.

In the previous video, they are not protesting they are showing their public support. I would call it a peaceful demonstration of support. (not a protest, not a riot, not a rally, not a march) Hence no police intervention.and no violence.

You can be sure those police there and the court were taking note. This is exactly what they fear-peaceful non compliance, backed with legal challenge.

When you go down the protest route, you have allowed the state to keep holding power over you. The act of protesting has been constantly under attack from the state which demands that you inform it when you are going to protest. It is why Kettling has been used and why the police infiltrate the crowd and incite violence and use other tactics, such as escorting you to piece of wasteground where you can achieve nothing.

None of this need happen if you peacefully fail to comply with unjust demands. By protesting you are fighting back on the state's preferred terms.

Think back over the last year. How many banner waving activists have we all seen.? So many causes What has it all achieved? How many turned violent?

Already, the police are complaining that they are going to be unable to enforce the lockdown due to ever larger numbers ignoring it. Take that as a good sign. We can make that a much bigger problem for them very easily.

Don't wait for others, it is your freedom at stake your responsibility. Ignore those who pressure you to comply. We are fighting something much bigger than covid-19.

Other problems for the state - the truly independent, alternative medical opinion. The false case figures already admitted by the government. The reliance on compromised mathematical models.The mass media hysteria, the censoring of anything that contradicts the official narrative.

But there is an even bigger charge that can be levelled at them. One I believe that is pretty damning and revealing. One that, when it sinks in to the conscious of the majority of people, even those clapping the NHS, will unite enough people to turn this disaster around.

That is for another post.
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