Sitting and trading damages health


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I am not sitting in front of the computer all the time because I used to lay down when I started to feel tired. My other forex activities demand me to be on screen for quite a few hours so sitting is bad for me.


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My wife taught me some exercises for when I'm sitting down.

Apparently a few more weeks of Kegels and I'll be able to hold a thing pencil.


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Do I, really, have to keep pushing down your necks about how old I am?

I'm the original goat!

I've spent a lot of years doing this since I retired and I feel great. Age helps me because I do require less sleep, even so I am in bed before 2300 and get up at 0520 to get to a gym by 0645. I don't do treadmill everyday, but there are plenty of machines there to get into a routine, have a shave and shower and be back by 0900. I get around the flat, doing odd jobs and get over to the family business to give my daughter company in the afternoon, but I don't do much work.. I think that I can be excused that. Keep moving, mates, you don't have to sit in front of the computer all the time, surely?

I would like to say that I am not the world's greatest trader. Its a pastime that I enjoy doing. Maybe, my results would not satisfy everyone but I, still, don't think that you have to go without exercise to justify your trading, neither do you have to have a treadmill cluttering up the place. Do you know how big they are? My wife would kill me! She'd buy me a dog and I hate them.


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I used to have workouts in the morning but in the last months I neglected the gym. Now I feel I'm starting to gain weight so I need to get back to workouts. I'm planning to do kettlebell exercises.

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I find screaming at the screen and sobbing uncontrollably give me a good cardio-vascular workout. I occasionally do some weight lifting as I heft offending screens out of window. Punching keys helps too.
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I'm a ex-fireman and I have chronic back pain which lead to me leaving the service and into trading. Sitting all day at the screen doesn't help so I have built a gym in my office with the treadmill right in front of my trading screens.

Need to find that balance between exercise and trading, also tends to help me focus more.
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