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I have effectively a T1 connection to the internet, but yours is about the fastest site, by a long way, that I have ever connected to, with instantaneous page changes - how do you do it?
Hi Stevet,

Sorry about the delay in replying but I'm actually on my hols and in an internet cafe in thailand. The site based in london and has a very fast pipe into the internet, actually the server is housed in telehouse which is about as fast as you can get, we don't have as much traffic as the major sites and the site is designed to be fast, optimised pages etc.


Well, however you do it, it is amazing speed

i trade with different brokers, and if i am trading with a US broker onto Globex, i have a ping time a bit under 100ms, but if i trade with a European broker who has a pipe to the states, i get a ping time of under 40ms, and then <10ms to Globex through the brokers pipe to the US

from what you said, is there a way, i could connect to a normal isp in the Uk, but one who had a pipe to the states, that i could utilise to get my atlantic crossing time down

i dont trade bonds, so i dont need a direct connection as bond traders do, and i get fills in a second, but i would still like to know i had the fastest connection, i can get with a fast internet connection