Internet Access Speed


For anyone interested it is possible to check how fast your internet connection is by going to

You do get a popup add but I can live with that. Anyway it gives a result in the format attached.


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Nice one T333 - mine came in at 559 kilobits per second, but apparently that is still fantastic!

I then repeated the test and got ... 460.1 :rolleyes:
Hi Skim,

Are you on cable or ADSL ? I am with NTL where you have an option for the speed you want to sign up to and I chose 0.5Mb


All I can say is that you all need to pity those of us out here in the sticks who can't get broadband.

A measly 41.3 kbs. :( "Your connection speed is.........POOR". Oh, you don't say?? :rolleyes:

Ah well, pretty soon I'll even have electric, rather than employing Jethro to crank the generator handle out the back of the barn...

anyone any experiance of ISDN or Home Highway digital lines?

about the only way i'm going to get a decent connection here. Suprisingly i still get to run d4f and Ib at the same time and browse a bit (rather slowly!)

Mine used to be the same as yours. I now have an ISDN line and it is so much faster. When you are with an ISP that cuts you off every two hours it means you can get back on in seconds. I certainly wouldn't go back. I have no hope where I live of getting broadband.
thanks for the advice
what isp do u use? not many support isdn except thru pay as u go
are u on home highway or the business isdn? doesn't seem to be much differance except price
I am with Freeserve Anytime. They have no problem with ISDN as long as you only use the one line. That still means it comes in at 64. I have Home Highway. I'm sure it is nothing like as good as Broadband but compared with the 24 I used to get it's bliss.
Thanks JeanM.I was just about to leave freeserve for AOL and have ISDN installed. Just enquired at AOL and they don't support it,'though she didn't seem very sure.(If anyone knows they do,please let me know).This automatic reconnection takes you straight back to the dealing interface? -- When I place my cursor over the two small screen icons,denoting I'm on the web,it gives my connection speed.Is this not to be trusted?