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Hello people :),

I have been spread betting the dow for a while now, and i have had success but i would like to try a more simple method. I would like to adopt a "trend is your Friend" strategy ?

Any hints / tips / godlike advice would be appreciated, lol.
trend following

A lot of good comment has come from those who purchased spread trading secrets book. There is a thread under the spreadbetting forum which discusses it

I was (am) a newbie trader and it has helped me a lot with a sound trading methodology as well as money management and trade size.
Sorry, i just have to ask this (before someone else does) :

If you've been trading the Dow for a while and you've had success, why on earth would you like to try a "simpler" method? The one you're using must work okay, so why risk another "unproven" method?
Hello people,

Thanks for replying:)

Rossored :

Well, the method i use requires me to stare at my screen all the time - im getting fed up with it. I have had success, but i want more, perhaps im just a greedy *******, lol. By tne way, is that your Ferrari in the picture ?

I will check out other peoples ideas, thanks.
Hi Merlins -

sorry didnt mean my post to come across as aggressive, just curious as to what would make you want to change methods, but the old "more money" one came into it again!! :LOL:

In answer to your question, yes it was my Ferrari (company car, mind) but sadly is no more.

Perhaps you could let me into your more profitable method (should you find one) in order that I may buy another one? £60k should be sufficient for a nice one these days...
Hello rossored :),

I use pivot point breaks of R1 + S1 - thats it. The problem with it is that it requires great Patience, you have to watch the screen like a hawk, then act quickly and decisively. Often i find that there is a reversal as well.

I also use high / low stochastics. If there is a strong signal of this at the start of the trading day, it usually gives a good indication of the days close.

Company car hey ?! Impressive. Who did you work for ?
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if you want to be really profitable, check out American shares intraday for good trends then you don't have to sit and stare waiting for the dow to trend, there's lots of other oppertunities, you need to put in some work to make real money
Merlins, if you are just watching for the price to cross R1 or S1 then place stop orders at those levels to get you into the market when they are hit. That way you don't need to constantly be watching the chart. Although if you are spreadbetting I think the only company that will allow that is D4F.

If you deal direct then IB will even allow you to attach a stop order to your stop order. So when it's hit and puts you in they automatically place your exit stop for you as well.
I used to work for a specialist car dealer - we used to take all sorts of things home / use for weeks on end whilst they were trying to be sold / prepped. You name it, I've driven it / thrashed the pants off it.

Unfortunately they are no longer in business - perhaps it was me ragging the product all over the place and not selling it enough that did it ?? :rolleyes: