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Hi Chai

How did you go with silent investments? Did you end up signing up? I'm asking because I have been researching them myself.

Kind regards


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You don't need to use or signup for anything -- everything is learnable on your own.

Really, it's not that hard. Just study the stuff on your own...and sooner or later...a light bulb will go off in your head.:idea:


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Trading options

Go to and go to the education center.
Also go to and download the free ebook. The ebook is on supply and demand but has a section on options.


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I've been a member for last 7 months overall alerts are not as simple as you would expect. Buy this stock sell this stock however what I do like about them is the fact that they provide solid research and pattern that are very easy to understand. For example they would stage AAPL is ready for a breakout of this and that happens (pattern on RSI) and when they do develop you make your move. Nobody can predict how market will react however they did provide me with tools that have increased my success and accuracy. Overall it comes with work but if you want some mickey mouse website telling you what to buy and sell and rest assure your portfolio will be valued as the fee you pay. Do you own research but that's my take.


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This guy is a scammer. I wasted $1500 on him and after lags and delays in a google chat conversations I realized what a stupid mistake I made. He would not refund the money. He straight up said he would refund anytime up to session 5. I stopped after 2. I asked nicely for my money back. He is shady and don't waste your money. He is not honest and its a scam, don't fall into the trap and get caught. I can provide the whole experience that I had. I have a developer creating a website, cause this guy needs to stop ripping people off online. Paypal was not able to help, and then its only your bank/credit card company that can help. It is not worth it!!! Do not use get caught by this scam artist! Im going to outline the whole history with me on a website to help people not choose this con. Go to Tim Sykes for better teachings.


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The guy that runs this page is called Nem, This guy is nothing but a theif and scam artist. Promises the world never delivered. Doesn't keep record of anything, and dose nothing but deny. Feel free to msg me if you wish to see the bull**** emails he comes up with.


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I have been looking into
There youtube channel- TheWealth1000's channel - YouTube

Has anyone heard of them them? or used them?
Or can anyone give me some advice ?

Your response would be greatly appreciated :)


Hello Chai

I've used his service and honestly there are mixed reviews. I think people keep setting up high hopes in search of get rich quick program and on his website he clearly states that's not what he delivers.

As for the program it's quite educations, easy to follow and interesting. I still think you can find all the info online at your own pace but if you wish to speed up your learning curve feel free to look him up.

Key points that I like about the service is that it's accurate and precise, he is very quick with emails and always answers my questions with details. Overall a great mentoring coach. Your success is directly linked to your will to study. If you are looking to earn 10k a month, this program is not for you.

All the best


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I've been a member of service for little over 2 years and overall didn't have any issues. I had a solid investing background but what I was able to perfect is more of a direct investing approach with proper mentoring. Only after I spent 13 months educating myself, I've realized how vast investing is and how easily mistakes can be made if there is no structure.

His programs are not cheap but j was able to recover my cost after first 2 trades and from that point I've had consistent success. I am currently not using his service other then alerts but overall program was able to develop me into a successful investor that I am now
You do have to work at it, there is no simple formula but with the mentoring and easy to use video tutorial I am confident you will be able to do so as well.


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I have been posting REAL trades every week for over a year on my own site- for free for educational purposes. I am the real deal as I am not an industry insider, just a bloke who loves options-to find my site check out my profile. I don't want anyone else's money let me make that clear


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Do you also have stock alerts via email?

What guarantees do you have if I lose $1,000. Do you have any actual videos showing you purchasing stocks from your trading account. A lot of website just post a "profit" of "real trade" when in fact it's not and when funds are lost, person that issued an alert is nowhere to be found.

I'd rather stick with service that offers quality and mentoring and pay for a guarantee. Like they say, you get what you pay for and if it's free there is a catch.
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