T A indicator question


Hi all,
I wondered whether anyone could answer a couple of questions about some TA indicatores:-

1) Is there an indicator out there that can measure the depth of the arbitrage channel i.e the price differential between the cash and the futures price?

2) I am starting to look into $TICK and $TRIN indicators. Are there any good books out there that cover these in depth and from personal experiences do people find them legging or leading indicators?

Despite my nickname I am looking to employ them trading the e-mini nasdaq, e-mini s&p and the e-mini dow. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


Have a look at the www.elitetrader.com site and use the search facility on the home page (Top right) and type in Tick or Trin.

These have been discussed on Elite before I believe.

Hope this helps.

1) I know it is possible to create a chart based on the difference between 2 charts in SierraChart. Takes a bit of programming, but it is possible. Not sure on any other way of doing it. Why you would want to measure the difference I don't know but each to their own :)

2) Trin and Tick are both lagging indicators. All you really need to know is if TICK goes above +800 or below -800 - there is likely to be a short-term reversal. Trin I've never really got on with I'm afraid :(