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wgere can i get free trading signals to phone
Not here I'm afraid Isak!
T2W is a community forum where the emphasis is on helping fellow members to develop their knowledge and skills so that they don't have to rely upon vendors selling signals which, almost invariably, are a complete waste of money.

Having said that, if you're sure that you want to pay for signals, try popping 'free trading signals' into Google. It produces no less than 22,100,000 results. In the event that you uncover the half dozen or so that offer something of value - do let us know. If you conclude that your time would be better spent learning how to create your own signals (for your own use - not to sell), a good place to start is with the Stickies linked in my signature, below.

Whatever you decide - good luck!


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There are many scammers in this market. I am personally using one vendor for trading signals for the past several months and I am quite satisfied. I am not going to post it as I have no intention to advertise. It is important that if you do look at signals a full trade performance is provided with the chart they used to give the signal. If you read anything like 'We make 800 pips every month" or promise 100% ROI every month, it's probably a bunch of BS and just stay away.
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