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Can anyone tell me if its possible to shrink the amount of space on Sierra that one indicator takes up? I'm using ADX on a 1min and the damn thing takes up about 40% of the whole chart! Totally unnessercary!

Have tried messing about with the "region" settings under "studies" and whilst that shrinks the overall size of ADX a little, it also seems to shrink the OHLC bars and leaves a massive unused gap... :rolleyes:

Muchos grassy a*se for any help you can offer :cheesy:

You can use Alt & 0 (zero) to get the 'Adjust Regions' setting then you can adjust the height of your indicator sections with the mouse.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Gary....I figured it'd be something incredibly simple that was staring me in the face : and it was :LOL:


Just a quick one am assuming to get two copies of SC working i need to install two copies

But can they share the same charts folder? so i dont have do download two sets of data
Hi Newtron,

If you are running two copies then they each have there own data folder and each will download data.

You only need to run two copies if you are using two seperate data feeds, else just use Chartbooks.

cheers JT
Want one chart book on one monitor and another on the second monitor. This is my reason for asking
You can try dragging individual charts over to the other Monitor. I've just tested here and it looks like it works...

... but can you pop out chart in SC?

Ive just tried doing it and it wont let me....

I think i'l just open two lots and have a separate download for the second book.

Thanks for the help JT, really appreciate you taking time out to help.

i'm sure i've seen sierra charts on this site with vertical as well as horizontal grid lines....i can get the horizontal lines but not the vertical......anybody know how or was i seeing things?

Hi Bertie

Probably what you have seen is the day month breaks, which give vertical lines. So if someone has displayed a multi-day chart you will see plenty of vertical lines. Chartman often shows this when displaying his ten minute charts. Anyway thats the only thing I can think it is as I haven't found another way of doing it.


Is anyone else having trouble connecting to Sierra thru MyTrack this morning? OK up til 08.42 - then zippo! :(
Anyone know how to change the default sounds that Sierra sometimes makes? The error sound for one? It sounds just like the noise I get from TWS when i get filled and sometimes it freaks me out!!!!
Hi Rossored

I hate the sound it makes. Sound like an error beep, really annouying. As far as I have worked out, there is only one sound that you have access to and that is the alert sound. It's a wav file in the of SierraChart folder called 'Alertsound.wav'.

Find a wav file you like the sound of and then delete the old one and rename the new one you have to Alertsound. It will then play that one instead. Got mine playing a funky little tune :cool:

There are plenty of wav files out there, try searching your windows directory for starters.


Thx Lard42....

weird name tho!

I reckon we ought to start a thread explaining everyone's nicks!!! :cheesy:
Ah - thats because its in the lounge and doesnt appear on the "new posts" bit on the homepage : maybe one of the mods could move the thread to a better position on the site??