Mate, I got some discrpeancies with me trades which I did on Friday to be processed this am. I have the offer on Log at 90p, 3i at 4.16 at 9.00 am but I've been filled a lot higher.
Also on my cover of Next offer was nearer 8.50 than the filled price of 876p. Can't be right?
Hi Lord Jamla,

Please see the other thread about stops/limits - I've suspended them with immediate effect. As for the other price discrepencies, we have to rely on the delayed feed we currently have until such time as I can justify upgrading the price feed to something more robust. Patrons sought!

Cheers, Paul. I think the 9.00am idea is fine but those prices I got are no-where near the 9.00am price. With the comp being relatively short, you can't afford to lose out on 35 odd points. Why not get the 9.00am prices off ADVFN is you are having problems with your feed??

Price feed much would the more robust feed cost?

Lord Jamla....."shepherd" is spelt like this. Didn't they teach you that at Eton, Your Lordship?

Paul, any chance of you changing the prices of Log, 3i and Next to 90, 4.16 and 8.50, which was the offer at 9.00am on Monday, rather than the wonky prices i got. It's only that I'm having a good day and would be right back in the top 20, if i had a fair price.

Sure Lord Jamla, will update them later this week.

Andy - more than the current budget allows, but I wouldn't rule it out later in the year!

Paul, I've done the work for you.
32K of Log @ 0.90p = 35,555 shares
I would be able to buy 3940 3i shares @ 4.16, (this would be the residual if I covered Next @ 8.50.
I know this because these are the amounts I bought in real life, though most of my wonga is tied up in long FTSE, DOW position ( see BB)
Sorry to make a fuss but this would put me with a 2K profit, which as you can see is a huge difference.