Laptop question..


I'm thinking of buying a laptop, currently like the look of the Sharp PC-AR10 I've done a fair bit of research and it seems like a really good price for the spec. Especially considering it was reviews in PCW this month and got 4/5 stars, and that was quoted to be at nearly £2000, when Insight and Dabs are offering it nearer to £1200, don't say I don't find you all the bargains.

Now I'm just wondering if its possible to get dual monitors with a laptop. Because I know you can attach an external monitor to a laptop, but does this mean you in fact have two desktops or is it the same desktop on both the notebook and your external monitor. I'd like to know because it would be great to have my trading software on one monitor and the AIQ charts on the other..

You are never going to get dual monitors on a laptop!They only have 1 video card and NO expansion slots.
Stick to an Athlon 1Gig /dual monitor and get some change from your budget of £1400 odd.
Hi Martin,

I quickly came to realise that when I did a search on Google. But there is a way to get dual monitor support if you buy an additional PCMCIA card, take a look at - not sure about the availabilty in the UK or the price, looks like it could be as much as $300. AMazing what you can find on the internet...

Laptop with two monitors

I have a Toshiba Satellite 2100CDS. It has a S3 Video chip that allows you to connect a monitor to the External socket. Changing display settings (Win98) the driver software allows you to use the laptop monitor as your first screen and the external monitor as a second.

Unfortunately so far it seems second screen can only be viewed in 640X480. This is however not exactly the top of the range available from Toshiba.

You might therefore be able to get waht you are looking for. Now I just need to get a good LCD Flatscreen to use as second monitor and I will be set.