SHARKY - New Site

Hi Sukhi!

Yeah looks to be a really good site, and definately one worth adding to the TA links section:

How about this for the details:


description: Provides financial information to on-line investors using unique, interactive analysis tools. In addition to java interactive charting tools, the site features quotes, analysis and commentary. Access to the site and all of the information on it is free.

Thanks Sukhi.
Post it- it's a good site...and you don't have to ask permission- if you like a site, put the link in!

if you were wondering where I got that description from - I found it on their "About Us" page, and just made a few ammendments.

The other best place to find it is in the source of the front page - though it's not always there and if it is, then sometimes it's. If your using IE then click view->source and look for a line that begins <META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="Provides a...." which should appear at or near the top of the page. The website normally gives a brief description of the site here so that search engines can display a description of the site.

But by the time you've done that you could have probably have written your own description anyway!

Chartman's right though, if you've got a new link then go ahead and add it, we can always change it later!

Sharky :)