Sharescope candlestick colours


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I have been using a number of different OHLC bars to analyse shares, indices and currencies but only recently have come across the following (candlesticks) which is occassionally displayed on Sharescope :
All Black Body
All Green Body
White Body with a red surround (rather than black surround)

My understanding was that the body would either be filled as follows:
red on down days
white on up days.

Would appreciate if someone could enlighten me and expalin the reason for these other colours.
tradition has it white up, black down, but it gets a bit hard on the
eyes sometimes!!!! Your can alter colours to suit you in
Sharescope but always the "ups" are open (surrounded
background) which I don't like much.
The colours of the candles can be changed to whatever you want.

Go to Graph, Graph Design, and then change the colours in the Up and Down boxes.

I assume that the ones you have are the default settings, and they are there just to show you what can be done.

One way of remembering about candles when you're new to them is that the filled bodies are like bricks and are heavy, so go down. The empty bodies are like balloons and so are light and go up.
Thx for your replies- i understand that i can change the fill of the body - i just couldn't understand why sharescope decided to add the different bodies when i hadn't made any adjustments to my settings. I thought that there was either a problem with the application or that sharescope had added a new dimension to this type of charting!