Seperation of US and UK Boards?


Separation of US and UK Boards?

Hi everyone, the suggestion has been made that we separate the US and UK boards to ensure the threads on the boards are kept focused and because members seem to trade one or the other, but not both.

The argument in the past has been that separating out the various boards makes it harder to keep track of all the new threads appearing, and thins out the discussion. Whereas an ADVFN style approach on using just one board helps to promote a livelier atmosphere.

Personally I still prefer to break down the broad range of topics we cover into their separate forums, because its much easier to navigate across the many different forums and you can easily view new posts where it brings up a list across all the forums, anyway. But I'd like to hear other peoples views.

Hi Sharky

Personnally I would prefer to have seperate boards for the UK and US.

I find the ADVFN approach terrible and really confusing, where as The Motley Fool approach is better and easier to navigate to the areas you want to see, and as the T2W site grows, it will be important to keep areas seperate.
Hi Sharky,

I think one board for discussing all shares, indices, etc is better...too much navigation doesnt really help...maybe in future if we have too many threads this can be considered..

I agree with Riz and disagree with FTSE-B. Much prefer the advfn approach and find the MF system tiresome. I think it's too early in t2w's life to be fragmenting into seperate UK/US areas, even though I personally have no interest in the US market.