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I've been having problems with the search facility in that it returns 'Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.' Is there a problem with it or am I being thick and doing something wrong? Cheers,

Hmm.. not sure Marty, I tried a few searches and they worked fine for me. Perhaps you can tell me what you were looking for, and I'll see if I have any luck. Although I must also mention this version of the bulletin board is classed a beta, so there a few bugs lurking around. But you'll be glad to know an updated version has been released, and I'll be upgrading the Board probably this coming weekend, if I get a chance, and that should iron out any potential probs with the searches.

Sharky, I was looking for the NXT thread but have now found it. I tried a few other searches on items I knew were there but still no joy. I'm typing what I want in the 'Search By Keyword' box and clicking perform search. The search options are Search all open forums; since any date; sort by - last posting date in descending order. Any suggestions? Thanks

The search engine must be faulty....
do a search on :-
gap up
gap up report
First two return 0
last one returns threads, but not what you would expect...
I think the clue is if you only have 3 letters for the first word, it screws up....
search for holy works ok
Stomp that Bug!

Sounds very much like a bug to me. I also have the same problem with NXT, and since 3 more revisions of the software we use to run the board have been released, I'd imagine that upgrading the board this weekend will solve it. But certainly Marty everything your'e doing is correct and it SHOULD return results.

Anyway, upgrading the board will also no doubt add some cool new features, so it's just a case of waiting a few days.